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QuantiPerm was founded in 2001 with modest but powerful beginnings in the food & beverage packaging industry. We diversified into the brewing and biotech industries in 2011

For craft breweries (beer, wine, soda, cider, seltzer, kombucha and cocktails) we offer automated solutions and services to help preserve the integrity of the beverage you produce. Automated carbonation, deaeration and fermentation systems to name a few. Our direct-to-filler carbonation option can save time, space and money!

We also offer a line of novel instruments, accessories, and test methods for bioprocess monitoring for the Biotech industry. Our testing services for the packaging industry includes permeation testing, barrier and shelf life determination, package oxygen testing to name a few. Contact QuantiPerm for questions or details!

Providing Innovative Instrumentation Solutions through Our Patented Technology


Tired of the trial-and-error carbonation processes? Then look at our innovative xFlowCO2 systems to automate your carbonation process. They handle a very wide flow ranges to accommodate all your beer, wine, soda or cider styles, filter speeds, and batch sizes.


Non-invasive real-time metabolic monitoring. With integrated true mass flow measurements, our OGA systems will allow you to monitor real-time respiration rates in your aerobic and microaerobic fermentations, cell cultures, and test animals.


QuantiPerm pioneered the technology that is now the state-of-the-art for high-speed carbonation shelf-life determination. With our patented technology you can determine the CO2 shelf life of your packages in a matter of hours – not weeks or months.

World Class Testing Services

QuantiPerm provides consulting and barrier package test services for the food, beverage, and consumer products industries. These include permeation and shelf life testing for oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, as well as organics (flavors, off-flavors and contaminants).

customer testimonials

The Wonder Machine Quantiperm xFlowCO2: Reduces carbonization time by a minimum of 24 hours and provides better quality

Vidundermaskinen Quantiperm xFlowCO2: Reduserer karboniseringtiden med minimum 24t og gir bedre kvalitet🤩


Røros Bryggeri og Mineralvannfabrikk

“I have nothing but good things to say about the xflowMini and QuantiPerm and the help you have provided to me getting it working. “

Josh Andrews,

First & Main Brewing

“Quantiperm manufactures a quality product at a fair price. We have minimized downtime and increased efficiencies with our Quantiperm system. Customer service is the best in the industry… it’s not even close. I trust Quantiperm to be a core component of my daily production.”

Kevin M. Clement / CEO,

Proper Soda Beverage Co

“We love our Quantiperm Carbonation System. We use it just about every day for all kinds of beverages including wine, Agave Margarita’s, Wine based cocktails and spirited cocktails. “

Brian J Kosi,

Bin to Bottle, LLC. Winemaker

“The Quantiperm carbonation system makes every day life run smoother at the brewery. From carbonating our coffee sodas to filling kegs. Very easy to clean and very portable!”

Cameron Keene,

Slingshot coffee company

We are impressed with QuantiPerm’s willingness to offer support and information about their products.


Brewing Industry

A HUGE thank you for your help today with the set-up of the CO2 carbonator. Very successful commissioning and it is going to help us immensely.

Keith Morris,

Brewing Industry

The off-gas analyzer (OGA507) is an EXCELLENT product for cell culture / fermentation applications. It is very simple to operate, highly accurate, and extremely affordable. The software provided is user friendly and powerful. The service from QuantiPerm has been extremely quick. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of their product.

Biren Mistry,

Pharmacuetical Industry

CO2 Instrument works very well. QuantiPerm has done a great job tailoring its technology to meet our needs.

Dr. Allesio Nano,

Beverage Packaging Industry

QuantiPerm provides not just the instrument, but also the science. The turnaround time is excellent and the individual attention is beyond what we can get from other vendors. QuantiPerm has been the closest thing to a partner in achieving our objectives.

Dr. Buchanan,

Packaging Industry