Fermentation Monitor (FMS)

Extract Attenuation and Alcohol Production in Real Time

You can continuously monitor multiple Bioprocesses with QuantiPerm’s Fermentation Monitoring System – FMS

Now you can multiplex multiple fermentations (up to twelve at a time) into a single measurement system. For example, you can continuously monitor CO2 evolution rates from all your beer or wine fermenters to determine extract attenuation and alcohol production in real time without having to sample each fermenter and analyze each sample. The system and the software will allow fine performance comparison.

This Fermentation Monitor system consists of a matrix of valves and a high precision flow meter. Off Gases from different processes of interest are routed into the system. The control system will route one bioprocess at a time to the flow meter and report the gas evolution rate. Optionally, the same sample can be routed to additional external instrumentation for further analyses. For example in combination with QuantiPerm’s OGA system, you can monitor metabolism in aerobic bioprocesses, e.g., determine oxygen uptake rates and CO2 evolution rates for each fermenter.

Our powerful software engines can execute real-time calculations for several metabolic parameters of interest such as CER, OUR, extract/nutrient consumption, biomass growth respiratory coefficients etc. All parameters are charted and documented in real-time.

Key Features and Advantages of Fermentation Monitor System

  • Simple, robust design
  • Simple calibration verification and validation
  • Exquisite sensitivity, stability, and accuracy
  • Wide dynamic range allows monitoring very small to very large scale bioprocesses
  • Powerful, intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Flexibility: you don’t need to change your processes. Our systems will monitor your processes the way they are!
  • Measure off gas flow rates (biogas, CO2, etc) continuously in multiple fermentations running simultaneously
  • For aerobic fermentations, interface with instrumentation such as QuantiPerm’s Off Gas Analyzer (OGA)
  • Continuous metabolic monitoring is now possible for fermentations as small as 0.5 L
  • Continuously monitor and chart CO2 (or other biogas) evolution rate, O2 uptake rate, nutrient consumption (extract attenuation)
  • Readily interface your fermentation systems with other analytical instrumentation
  • Reliable technical and customer support