NitroBrew® – The on premise, on demand nitro infusion system for your tap room. Use it to serve nitro beer, nitro coffee or any drink on nitro!

NitroBrew’s micro nitro, the smallest nitro infuser in the market, infuses any beverage with nitrogen (or any other gas of choice) on demand. The NitroBrew® system draws the beverage from the supply container, infuses with nitrogen on the fly and dispenses it on-demand. All you need to provide is your beverage and the supply gas cylinder for that classic cascading nitro pour! Simply install in your cold room or back bar and supply beer right after fermentation (around 1-1.2v of carbonation) and the infuser will do the rest. No mixed gas/blended gas needed.

Nitro Beer

You can also serve nitro on tap with the Tabletop NitroBrew® at events, conferences etc. Food trucks can also install this to serve any drink on nitro: beer, coffee, tea etc. You can supply your beverage in an open container (for coffee, tea and other) or with a counter pressure on your keg of beer and you will be ready to serve in minutes. Connect the tabletop system to a nitrogen cylinder or air compressor*.

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For home use checkout our Single Serve Kettle system and start making any drink a nitro in under a minute from the comfort of your home! Cheers!

*No consumables if used with air compressor (for coffee and tea)