Fast Track Your Packaging Development with high speed testing instrumentation

QuantiPerm pioneered the technology that is now the state-of-the-art for high speed carbonation shelf-life determination. With our patented technology you can determine the CO2 shelf life of your packages in a matter of hours – not weeks or months.Customers in the food and beverage industry use our products in their R&D laboratory or simply send us packages and we will test and provide complete analysis on your barrier packages. Check out our CO2 permeation system – Model 504.

Our ultra-sensitive oxygen ingress measurement systems will literally empower you to pick up needles in a haystack. Self integration system allows virtually unlimited measurement range and accuracy. You can routinely measure ingress rates as small as 1.0 uL O2 ingress per package, per day. Ultra-sensitivity and ultra-high-speed. That is what we deliver. Check out our O2 permeation system – Perm O2

Tired of Baby-Sitting Your Existing Systems?

Our high speed carbonation systems can be validated simply in your lab, and independent of any samples. You don’t need to buy ‘reference materials’ from us. Yes, our sample prep accessories make your work-flow a breeze.

We present a very user friendly interface that has an intuitive feel with all our systems.