A Simple, Electronic Feed-Forward Controller of Commercial Carbonation System to Automate Beer and Soda Inline Carbonation

Principle of Operation of xFlowCO2-FRC – Inline Automated Commercial Carbonation System

xFlowCO2-FRC is an electronic flow control system that controls CO2 injection into your beer or carbonated beverages. Just tell it how much liquid you have to carbonate, and how much carbonation you want. It will accurately inject just the right amount of CO2 to achieve perfect carbonation. Once the required amount of CO2 is injected, the system will automatically shut off CO2 and sound an alarm. You can totally eliminate gas wastage and preserve your product flavor and foam character that you worked so hard to achieve!

Try Our Total Solution: xFlowCO2 inline commercial carbonation machine Get Your Beer Perfectly Carbonated, Each Time, Every Time!

Our automated xFlowCO2 inline commercial carbonation machine (pictured below) use ultrahigh efficiency fine bubble injectors. This system will guarantee near 100% mass transfer efficiency for minimal flavor losses.

  • Feed-forward true mass CO2 injection
  • A single button operation after the initial setup with automatic shutdown
  • Significantly improve carbonation consistency
  • Operate in once-through in-line injection, or bright tank batch recirculation modes
  • Save gas
  • Minimize flavor and foam losses and insure your product quality and consistency

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Customer Reviews for xFlowCO2 inline carbonation system:

We love it. Has stepped up our operation – wayyy more consistent carb levels. Wayyyy less time. It’s like adding cellerage that doesn’t take up any floor space. – Brian Arnett, Mountain State Brewing

Quantiperm manufactures a quality product at a fair price. We have minimized downtime and increased efficiencies with our Quantiperm system. Customer service is the best in the industry… it’s not even close. I trust Quantiperm to be a core component of my daily production. – Kevin Clement, Proper Soda

We are pleased with our carbonation unit. – Jim Wagner, Brewmaster, DuClaw Brewing Co.

A HUGE thank you for your help today with the set-up of the C02 carbonator. Very successful commissioning and is going to help us immensely. – Keith Morris, Production Guy… at Beaus All Natural Brewing