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Barrier Packaging

Brewing - Providing Innovative Instrumentation Solutions

QuantiPerm pioneered the technology that is now the state-of-the-art for high-speed carbonation shelf-life determination. With our patented technology you can determine the CO2 shelf life of your packages in a matter of hours – not weeks or months.

Barrier Packaging


Biotech monitoring - Providing Innovative Instrumentation Solutions

Tired of the trial-and-error carbonation processes? Then look at our innovative xFlowCO2 systems to automate your carbonation process. They handle a very wide flow ranges to accommodate all your beer, wine, soda or cider styles, filter speeds, and batch sizes.

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Biotech monitoring - Providing Innovative Instrumentation Solutions

Non-invasive real-time metabolic monitoring. With integrated true mass flow measurements, our OGA systems will allow you to monitor real-time respiration rates in your aerobic and microaerobic fermentations, cell cultures, and test animals.

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World Class Testing Services

Testing - Providing Innovative Instrumentation Solutions

QuantiPerm provides consulting and barrier package test services for the food, beverage, and consumer products industries. These include permeation and shelf life testing for oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, as well as organics (flavors, off-flavors and contaminants).
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