QuantiPerm – Innovation in Action

QuantiPerm was founded in 2001 when we recognized that we could change the status quo with regard to package shelf-life testing methods and tools. Testing packages for barrier quality was either indirect or approximate, and always agonizingly slow. It could take more than 8 weeks to determine shelf-life; much longer if the packages had any better performance.

QuantiPerm, with modest beginnings and a patent protected technology, changed this during the early 2000s with the launch of our CO2 permeation system (Model 504 instrument). Suddenly, accurate carbonation retention measurements took just a few days, not months. Today, the 504 system has become the gold standard for TOTAL package characterization and true package shelf life determination.

Using our Barrier Function Analysis (BFA) technology, we can conduct a high-throughput screen for your development samples. You will know very quickly which of those development tracks are worth pursuing and can focus your development dollars on the most promising avenues.

From these modest but powerful beginnings, we diversified into the brewing and biotech industries in 2011

For craft breweries (beer, wine, soda, cider, kombucha, and cocktails) we offer automated solutions to precisely carbonate your beverage, reduce oxygen levels, and other processes to help preserve the integrity of the beverage produced. We have carbonation equipment that handles small flow rates for smaller plants (nano and microbreweries) to large size breweries and plants. We also offer a direct-to-filler option which saves time and real estate in your plant.

We also offer a line of novel instruments, accessories, and test methods for bioprocess monitoring for the Biotech industry.

Dr. Murthy Tata is the founder and President of QuantiPerm. He has decades of experience in the brewing and biotech industries, with several patents and peer-reviewed scientific publications. He is an expert with deep scientific and engineering knowledge covering the chemical, materials, petroleum, biotech, and food and beverage industries.

Murthy is a serial inventor. We call him the Mad Scientist. NitroBrew®, his latest invention, is the combination of his passion, adventure, experience, and science. NitroBrew® infuses nitrogen into any beverage (beer, coffee, and more) at the point of service and is available for both commercial and home use. According to Murthy, beer is a fantastic mix of fundamental sciences, art and flavors.

Besides running these companies, Murthy enjoys the outdoors. He is an avid rock climber, hiker, runner, and nature lover, and he hopes to circumnavigate the world in a sailboat someday. Until then he will continue to run both QuantiPerm, founded in 2001, and NitroBrew, founded in 2014. His work ethic and passion for learning is an inspiration to all of us here!

QuantiPerm now has a global footprint with customers in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia!

Here’s what some of our customers have to say about us:

"QuantiPerm provides not just the instrument, but also the science. The turnaround time is excellent and the individual attention is beyond what we can get from other vendors. QuantiPerm has been the closest thing to a partner in achieving our objectives."

Dr. Buchanan,

DAK Americas

“The Quantiperm carbonation system makes every day life run smoother at the brewery.  From carbonating our coffee sodas to filling kegs.  Very easy to clean and very portable!”

Cameron Keene

Slingshot Coffee Company

“We love our Quantiperm Carbonation System.  We use it just about every day for all kinds of beverages including wine, Agave Margarita’s, Wine based cocktails and spirited cocktails. “

Brian J Kosi

Bin to Bottle, LLC.