7 Steps to Properly Fill a Beer Growler

Beer growlers are the perfect way to bring your beer on the go, whether it’s your homemade brew or a special release from your favorite brewery. However, if you don’t fill your growler properly, you won’t get the best-tasting beer. There’s a right way and a wrong way. Here’s how to fill a beer growler the right way using a counter-pressure beer growler filler.

1. Prep the Growler

Before you fill the growler, you’ll need to prep it properly. This involves cleaning and sanitizing the growler, tubing, and cap to ensure a nice, clean starting point. When you’re finished, let the growler air dry upside down to ensure all of the water drips out or evaporates off.

When it’s dry, pop it in the fridge for a few minutes. It doesn’t need to be long, only long enough to prevent foaming. If it’s too cold, you’ll run into more issues, so don’t put it in the freezer. All it needs is a quick chill in the fridge once it’s clean, and it’ll be ready to go.

2. Attach the Tubing

Once your growler is ready, set up your area. Secure a foot-long growler tube to the tap of the beer you want to use. Ensure the tubing fits snugly over the faucet, or you’ll have some leaks.

If you fill growlers regularly, a counter-pressure growler filler is a must-have. These systems simplify the process, ensuring you don’t have to do too much tinkering to start filling growlers.

3. Adjust the Serving Pressure

Generally, the serving pressure hovers somewhere between 10 and 15 psi. While ideal for serving, this will fill the growler far too quickly. So, when you’re ready to start filling, drop the regulator down to about 2-4 psi. This is just enough to push the beer through the tube slowly.

If you use a counter-pressure growler filler, you won’t need to worry about this step.

4. Purge the Growler

If you have a beer tap system with counter-pressure carbon dioxide, now is a great time to use it. Fill the growler with carbon dioxide, as it’s heavier than oxygen and will displace the oxygen hanging out in the growler. Since oxygen can throw off the beer’s flavor and quality, this is a good step to include if your system allows it.

If you use a counter-pressure bottle growler filler, the process becomes even easier. These systems purge the oxygen out of the bottle using nitrogen or carbon dioxide and fill it using counterpressure, ensuring you don’t have to deal with the hassle of separating the steps.

5. Start Filling

Pop the other end of the tube into the growler, ensuring the fill tube hits the bottom of the growler. This allows the beer to fill from the bottom up, which reduces carbon dioxide loss and helps preserve the beer’s flavor.

6. Top It Up

Let the beer fill the growler, stopping the flow of beer when there’s about 5% to 10% headspace remaining. If there’s a fill line on the growler, you can use that instead. When it’s full, release the counter pressure on your counter-pressure growler filler.

Remove the tubing from the tap and top the growler up with fresh beer. Let a bit of foam bubble over the top, as this will help displace any remaining oxygen.

7. Cap and Enjoy

Lastly, screw the cap on the growler while there’s still foam making its way over the side of the growler. In doing so, you’ll press pause on oxidation for a little while and boost carbon dioxide retention, which equals better beer.

Wipe the sides of the growler to clean up residual foam.

When you’re ready to enjoy the beer, take the cap off and drink it. If you don’t use a counter pressure system when filling the growler, it’s best to consume the beer within about 24 hours. Any longer than that, and there’s a good chance it’ll go completely flat. Since flat beer isn’t great, enjoy the beer within a day of filling the growler.

Fill Growlers With Ease With a Counter-Pressure Growler Filler

If you fill growlers regularly, the standard filling process of finding and attaching tubing and purging the system (if your system allows for it) can become tedious. This is where a counter-pressure growler filler comes in.

These systems make filling growlers a breeze, ensuring you can bottle high-quality beer for you and your consumers. Ready to elevate your beer growler game? Contact QuantiPerm today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I fill my Growler with any filler?

For the beer to stay fresh longer and not pick up any oxygen, we would recommend a counter-pressure filler. If you are going to use the beer quickly, it may be acceptable to use any filler but beware of staling due to oxygen pickup!

How Do You Fill a Growler Without Foam?

The trick to filling a growler without foam is to go slowly and start from the bottom up. This will help keep the foam factor in check by reducing the turbulence (usually a serving pressure between 10 and 15 psi) used to make a foamy, freshly served beverage.