CO2 Permeation – Model 504

Measure CO2 Permeation and Sorption

A patented, rapid, accurate, and reliable method for measuring CO2 permeation and sorption in packaging materials.

  • Results in hours for most packages
  • Nondestructive testing.
  • Direct and accurate measurement of CO2 efflux from packages.
  • Statistically robust shelf-life predictions with built-in ANOVA engine and confidence limits calculations.
  • Test bottles, closures, films, or whole packages.
  • Test at precisely controlled temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Easy to use graphical interface requires no operator training
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Coventional methods for measuring CO2 permeability in packages essentially measure changes occurring in the package CO2 content during a simulated shelf-life test. Such tests are inherently slow because it takes a long time to see a measurable change in CO2 content. Also inherent in such methods is the challenge of having to measure very small changes (often less than 10%) in package CO2 levels accurately over extended time periods. Further, since these tests take so long to complete they are also of little use in predicting shelf life of a packaged batch of product.

QuantiPerm CO2 Permeation – Model 504 Advantages

  • Absolute shelf life characterization now posible
  • Save months of measurement time compared to conventional test methods
  • Expect significant cost savings compared to conventional methods
  • Highly stable, and sensitive sensor based on infrared absorption
  • Self-integrating operation over multiple cycles for accurate measurements
  • Solid-state (peltier) temperature control
  • Accurate relative humidity control
  • Small footprint
  • Sensor calibration is NIST traceable–certificates available
  • Principle of operation: CO2 emitted by packages under controlled environmental conditions (temperature, humidity) is directly measured with a highly sensitive infrared absorption sensor. Self-integrating operation over multiple cycles allows the determination of accurate permeation rates in a statistically rigorous manner. The sensor is also extremely stable and requires calibration only once in a year!
  • User Interface: Intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface requires little or no training to operate the instrument.
  • Specifications: Self-integrating system allows virtually unlimited measurement range and accuracy, from as little as 50 mL/pkg/day to greater than 3 L/pkg/day. Accuracy: better than 5% of reading. Built-in ANOVA engine is part of the data analysis routine, and results are reported with confidence intervals at chosen levels of significance. Temperature Control range: From 200 F (100 C) below ambient to 1200 F (500 C). Better than ± 0.10 F (± 0.050 C) control stability at the measurement sensor.