Consulting and Barrier package test Services

Consulting and Barrier package test Services

QuantiPerm provides consulting and laboratory test services for the food, beverage, and consumer products industries. These include permeation and shelf life testing for oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor, as well as organics (flavors, off-flavors and contaminants). QuantiPerm has answers to all your barrier testing needs.

We routinely test plastic bottles, preforms and other packaging materials for the food and beverage and chemicals/materials industries. Send us your samples for a complete analysis.

Consulting and Laboratory Test Services

Testing Services

Proprietary BFA™ technology for rapid barrier property assessment:
  • Rapid- test results in hours
  • Suitable for package production line quality control
  • Detailed shelf life modeling
  • Test whole bottles, preforms, caps, films, resin and other packaging materials

Laboratory Services

Package and Barrier Product Testing

  • Permeation/Barrier Testing (O2, CO2, and water vapor)
  • Sorption Testing (O2, CO2, and water vapor)
  • Shelf life determination of any package
  • Modified atmosphere packaging sampling and analyses
  • Total and Dissolved O2, CO2, and flavor analyses
  • Package creep
  • Physicochemical analyses (resin, materials, and product)
  • Product and package stability
  • Compatibility testing
  • Flavor and active ingredient scalping by packaging materials
  • Off-flavors and contamination analyses
  • Reductones and Free radical analysis