A Simple Tool to Continuously Monitor Your Fermentation in Real-Time!

Principle of Operation

FermAT systems monitor carbon dioxide evolution during fermentations, determines alcohol production and extract consumption. The instrument displays process data. Optionally, the unit can also send data to a remote host by wired or a wireless (WiFi) interface. The host system captures data from a number of fermentors, analyzes and charts data continuously.


  • Fingerprint your beer or wine fermentations for process consistency and product quality
  • Continuously monitor all plant fermentations in real-time in a networked system
  • Determine alcohol and extract in real-time
  • Streamline your fermentation operations:
  • Monitor for slow or hung fermentations due to issues such as yeast health, malt variation, brew house operations, etc.
  • Configurable alarms for detecting over-foaming conditions to minimize loss of product, flavor and foam quality
  • Potential for off-flavors by controlled release of supersaturation
  • Potential for controlling final carbonation at tank fassing
  • Improve process consistency
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  • Simple, robust design
  • Simple calibration, verification and validation
  • Exquisite sensitivity, stability, and accuracy
  • Wide dynamic range allows monitoring very small to very large scale bioprocesses
  • Powerful, intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Flexibility: you don’t need to change your processes. Our system will monitor your processes the way they are!
  • World-class technical and customer support