Relative Humidity Control System

Humidity Control for Breweries and Food industry

QuantiPerm’s HumPak is a popular accessory for Humidity Control for many customers in the food and beverage industry. We use them routinely as well in our laboratory with our permeation equipment to test samples for barrier .

Relative humidity can be controlled in the QuantiPerm instruments using HumPak™ humidity control modules for operating temperatures between 4 and 50°C. Following are the humidity control modules available currently:

Relative Humidity

  • 0-5%
  • 11-12%
  • 30-35%
  • 49-55%
  • 73-76%
  • 79-85%
  • 92-96%

HumPak Module

  • HumPak-5
  • HumPak-11
  • HumPak-33
  • HumPak-50
  • HumPak-75
  • HumPak-85
  • HumPak-95

For controlling humidity at levels other than those listed above, contact QuantiPerm for possible custom solutions. The active material in HumPaks is a proprietary formulation. The materials are sealed in a white plastic pouch, in a plastic cassette. They are to be used as provided (without opening the white pouch) for control of humidity in QuantiPerm instruments.

Avoid exposing the HumPak™ pouches to water, alcohol, solvents, and detergents. Handle the HumPaks gently, and avoid sudden impact by dropping or shaking them vigorously. Some HumPaks contain substances classified as hazardous (US DOT*), or dangerous (UN, IATA**). Please review the documentation enclosed with your shipment before using HumPaks in your application. Avoid personal exposure by wearing personal protective equipment (safety goggles, gloves and a lab coat) when handling. Spills may be mopped up with paper towels and disposed properly. Water rinsing cleans the best.

Do not use if the external protective packaging contains visible liquid suggesting a ruptured pouch. Sudden temperature changes may cause temporary moisture condensation around the pouch, but this should disappear once the packages are attemperated to between 13 and 40 0C temperature for a few hours.

During storage (when not in active humidity control application), seal the HumPak™ in an airtight container to prevent moisture exchange with outside air. A sealable wide-mouth bottle or a plastic bag (Zip-Lok) may be used.