Automate beer and soda inline carbonation.


Direct to filler option, upto 4v carbonation, upto 6.6gpm.

Precise and manual control of the carbonation level.
DeOx - DeGas System

Reduce dissolved oxygen levels in your beer or any beverage.


Monitor your fermentation in real-time.


On premise, on demand nitro infusion dispense systems.


Metal Closure System for Rapid CSD Sample Preparation

Quick Cap-28 is a metal closure system that seals a standard 28mm PCO (plastic closure only) carbonated soft drink (CSD) bottle finish. Two quick disconnect ports allow for rapid purging and filling of the bottle. Disconnecting the fluid plugs leaves a free standing container or system filled to the target pressure. Accuracy of fill is determined by the accuracy of the pressure measurement system at the filling manifold or regulator.

These QuickCaps are quick and easy to use and makes sample prep a breeze. Eliminate the bottleneck of hours of sample preparation time with QuantiPerm’s QuickCap 28. You will be happy you did!

We use these closures routinely in QuantiPerm’s laboratory testing for barrier packages that include, bottles, closures, preform etc. We have found these to be extremely fast and reliable and cuts the sample preparation time tremendously. This is also available for customers to purchase for use with our permeation and oxygen ingress instruments. You can also purchase these QuickCaps if you have other instrumentation and would like some help with rapid sample preparation.

Quickcap 28
Metal Closure