Small batch breweries or soda manufacturers

Try Our Total Solution: xFlowCO2 inline commercial carbonation machine Get Your Beer Perfectly Carbonated, Each Time, Every Time!

Our automated xFlowCO2 inline commercial carbonation machine (pictured below) use ultrahigh efficiency fine bubble injectors. This system will guarantee near 100% mass transfer efficiency for minimal flavor losses.

QuantiPerm’s µCarb (microCarb) carbonation system is a perfect solution for small batch breweries or soda manufacturers.

Any beverage can be carbonated using this system with a precise, manual control of the carbonation level. Our customers experience minimal gas and flavor losses making this a perfect fit for all their carbonation needs.

MicroCarb for carbonation of small batches

The system has two modes of operation; once-through carbonation and re-circulation. In the single-pass (once-through) mode, the system can add up to 2 volumes of CO2 for a beverage flow rate of 3.5 gpm. In the recirculation mode, it is possible to carbonate beverages up to 5 volumes of CO2 with proper settings. The µCarb can be used with a variety of beverage supply vessels! Standard sanitary connections and even kegs that use standard keg couplers are ideal because they do not restrict flow rates!

Here’s a short video that explains the system: