Oxygen Permeation - Perm O2

Oxygen Permeation Analyzer

Principle of operation: Oxygen permeating into the package either from the packaging materials themselves, or from outside (or the environmental chamber) is convected to a highly sensitive ultra-trace oxygen analyzer. Electronic flow control system allows either continuous or intermittent gas routing to the oxygen sensor.

The intuitive user-friendly graphical interface requires minimal training to operate the instrument. For detailed specifications, please call or email us!

A rapid, accurate, and reliable method especially suited for measuring package O2 ingress, sorption, and scavenging capacity in your packages and packaging materials:

  • Designed especially for package testing (minimal sample prep)
  • Readily test films
  • Test up to 6 packages simultaneously
  • Improve sample throughput >5x with off-line preconditioning
  • Steady-state, transient state, and integrative measurements
  • Exquisite sensitivity
  • Small footprint
  • Robust, simple, independent validation
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Intuitive and user-friendly graphical interface requires little or no training to operate the instrument.

Now you can accurately, and robustly characterize oxygen barrier performance in your packaging materials with minimal sample preparation. In addition to standard permeation and ingress testing, it is now possible to characterize oxygen scavenging packaging formulations as well with the Perm-O2. Understanding oxygen permeation dynamics enables the development of effective deoxygenation methods, enhancing the longevity and safety of various industrial processes.

QuantiPerm Advantages

  • Sample prep is a breeze
  • Absolute shelf life characterization now possible
  • Save months of measurement time compared to conventional test methods
  • Expect significant cost savings compared to conventional methods
  • Exquisite stability and sensitivity from a measurement platform based on a non-depleting electrochemical sensor
  • Complete electronic flow control
  • Steady state, transient state, and integrative measurements
  • Accelerated testing at high oxygen composition and/or, high temperatures with optional environmental control
  • Parallel analysis of up to six simultaneous samples
  • With off-line preconditioning, multiply sample throughput several fold
  • Simple calibration, verification and validation
  • No rotary valves, No hydrogen mixtures, No need for special ‘reference materials’
  • World-class technical and customer support
  • Optional solid-state (peltier) temperature control for testing at below or above ambient temperature
  • Optional relative humidity control based on QuantiPerm’s proven HumPak technology