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QuantiPerm products

We offer innovative instrumentation solutions.  QuantiPerm products are widely used in the food & beverage packaging, brewing and biotech industries since 2001. In addition, we provide laboratory test services for all your barrier packaging needs.

Whether you want to measure CO2 permeation or Oxygen ingress and want a complete analysis of your barrier packaging material, QuantiPerm can help you with our instrumentation solutions and expertise.

You want to measure oxygen and carbon dioxide gas concentrations in all your bioprocess? Checkout our metabolic monitoring instrument in biotechnology.

Need a  better handle on carbonation of your beer or other beverages? Explore our inline carbonation system. We have small, mid size and large breweries using our product and have complete control on this process with reliable and accurate results.

Packaging, Brewing and Biotechnology


At QuantiPerm, we offer solutions with our innovative instrumentation and methods for a variety of applications in food & beverage packaging, brewing and bioprocessing industries. We are well known for our state of the art instrumentation solutions and excellent technical and consulting services. We can provide total package analysis to fast track your projects.

Get a handle on carbonating your beer, every time! All guess work eliminated with our brewing products. We offer automated solutions for carbonation, deoxygenation (dearation) of water for your brewery.

Looking to monitor fermentations in real time? We have instrumentation solutions that are easy to use and give you a better handle on the processes.

We welcome you to explore our product offerings for Packaging, Brewing and Biotechnology.


Looking for Testing Services?

QuantiPerm provides consulting and laboratory test services for the food, beverage, and consumer products industries. Fast track your packaging projects with our state of the art instrumentation and services. Check out our permeation and shelf life testing services here..

quantiperm products
quantiperm products
quantiperm products