Gas Diffuser - gas-liquid mass transfer unit

Gas Diffuser – A High Efficiency Gas-Liquid Mass Transfer System

Gas Diffuser

Control dissolved gas concentrations all the way to thermodynamic solubility limits:

  • Bubble-less gas exchange
  • Precise carbonation/decarbonation with simultaneous deaeration
  • Mixed gas (CO2 + N2) racking for producing nitro beers and “cask-conditioned” ales
  • Oxygen and trace CO2 removal for corrosion control in boiler feed-water treatment, ion exchange and reverse osmosis systems

Our Gas Diffuser is an efficient gas-liquid mass transfer unit designed for controlled addition or removal of various gases (carbon dioxide, air, oxygen, nitrogen, etc) to or from aqueous liquids. Gases are instantaneously dissolved at a molecular level without creating bubbles into liquid streams. Near thermodynamic equilibrium solubility is accomplished at small liquid flow rates while greater than 95% approach to theoretical solubility limit is possible at flow rates up to 1 gpm (3.7 Lpm).

QuantiPerm Gas Diffuser Advantages

  • Hydrophobic, microporous hollow-fiber mass transfer device achieves gas dissolution or stripping in a bubble-free manner
  • Small footprint made possible by superlative mass transfer efficiency.
  • Carbonate chilled water to up to 7 v/v at 1 gpm (3.7 Lpm) flow rate, while simultaneously removing 98+% of dissolved air.
  • Prepare carbonated water bottles for accurate package shelf life testing.
  • Remove > 99+% of dissolved gases for applications such as boiler feed- water and reverse-osmosis/ion exchange pretreatments.
  • Deoxygenate oxygen-sensitive products prior to processing or packaging for enhanced shelf life (e.g., beer)
  • Simultaneously nitrogenate and carbonate specialty beers to produce specialty beers
  • Minimal power consumption
  • Minimal purge gas usage

QuantiPerm Gas Diffuser Specifications

Operating temperatures 320F (00C) to 1250F (520C)*
Liquid flow rates 0 to 2 gpm (0 to 7.2 LPM)
Gas flow/purge rates Degassing all gases except CO2 : 0-10 scfh (0-5 slpm) typical
Operating pressures Gas: 55 psig (3.8 bar); Liquid: 100 psig (6.8 bar) maximum
Power 110 Vac 60 Hz, 3A maximum
Dimensions 24in W x 10in H x 15in D (610mm x 255mm x 395mm)
Weight Approx 65 lbs (30 kg) approx.