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Real-Time Metabolic Monitoring

We offer real-time metabolic monitoring that is non invasive  with our FermAT (Fermentation Automation) and OGA (Off Gas Analyzer). With integrated true mass flow measurements, our OGA systems will allow you to monitor real-time respiration rates in your aerobic and microaerobic fermentations, cell cultures, and test animals. Your bioreactor may be just 0.5 L or 200kL or anything in between.

These systems can be put to use in a laboratory or in an Industrial setting. Our systems offer a way to continuously record and monitor results. Infrared carbondioxide sensor, elctrochemical oxygen sensor, simple calibration, minimum gas flow requirements, dynamic range and great technical and customer support are just some of the things we offer.

Biotech - real-time metabolic monitoring
Biotech - real-time metabolic monitoring

You can determine other critical process parameters such as nutrient metabolic shifts, as well as aeration mass-tansfer efficiency tracking, with our software and ancilliary systems, . We also offer products to continually monitor multiple bioprocesses using a bench-top system. All our products have very user-friendly and intuitive GUI to navigate, record data and monitor results. Simple calibration and calibration verification is a feature that many existing customers love.