Carbonation and Fermentation Monitoring - Brewing

Perfection in Carbonation

Simple. Elegant. Feed-Forward. Low Cost. Flexible.

Tired of the trial-and-error carboantion processes? Then look at our innovative xFlowCO2 systems to automate your carbonation process. They handle a very wide flow ranges to accommodate all your beer, wine, soda or cider styles, filter speeds, and batch sizes. There is no gas wastage. That also means no more product flavor blown up the chute. Preserve your hop utilization and foam character you worked so hard to produce.

A Non-Invasive Fermentation Monitoring System

Carbonation and Fermentation Monitoring - BrewingThe word is fermAT. This technology measures CO2 evolution during fermentation and determine alcohol and extract continuously, and non-invasively. With the other bells and whistles from us that include wireless data acquisition you can fingerprint charts for all those fermentations going on in your cellar. In addition to the simple alcohol and gravity/extract numbers, you can also catch any deviations from an expected fermentation profile quickly!

Carbonation and Fermentation Monitoring - Brewing