Carbonation with surge tank - xFlowSurge

******** NEW***  Introduced in March 2020 ***************

A carbonation system with an integrated Surge Tank ( Beer, Cider, Soda and more)


The xFlowSurge system also uses our ultra-high efficiency fine bubble injector for near 100% mass transfer efficiency. The fully automated surge tank ensures the right amount of carbonation is achieved for various filler speeds.

Please call to discuss specifics of your filler to see how easily you can carbonate to send to your filler directly.



  • Feed-forward true mass CO2 injection
  • Direct to fill, tank to tank transfers and tank recirculation modes of operations available
  • Easy to use digital interface with remote operation capabilities!
  • Significantly improve carbonation consistency
  • Minimize flavor and foam losses and insure your product quality and consistency
  • Save gas
  • Can also be used for water DeOx