Counter Pressure Bottle Growler Filler

Counter Pressure bottle growler filler to package your labor of love!

Counter pressure Bottle Growler Filler

Principle of Operation

The counter pressure bottle and growler filler allows you to package your beer without losing any carbonation, while preventing air contamination of your product. Oxygen pick-up will be less than 100 ppb guaranteed!*

Beer in the growlers and bottles filled with our counter pressure filler will stay fresh longer. As the bottles and growlers are filled under counter pressure, the beer does not go stale and can be preserved for long periods.

You can use our filler to package beer in your brewery for special events. Bars can use it to sell their special beers in growlers. Homebrewers can use it to keep home-brewed beer fresh for a longer time for special occasions or events. You worked so hard to make great beer and now you can preserve it without oxygen contamination for months with our counter pressure bottle and growler filler!

The filler is infinitely adjustable to fill a variety of bottle sizes with the standard CP filler.

You can use QuantiPerm’s counter pressure bottle growler filler for beer, wine, soda, cider etc.that your worked so hard to make!

Operation Details

  • Clamp the bottle to the filler
  • Blow Nitrogen or CO2 and vent to purge the air out of the bottle
  • Fill your product against the counter pressure
  • Release counter pressure
  • Remove filled package, fob, and cap/crown
  • Clean and sanitize the filler in place, or disassemble and wash in a dishwasher

“By mitigating the risk of oxidation and loss of carbonation typical of conventionally filled growlers, our QuantiPerm counter pressure filler ensures that our to-go beer program offers the same high quality experience that our guests enjoy in our taproom. It’s simple design and ease of use allowed our taproom staff to confidently operate the filler with minimal training.” Jeff Albarella, Jessup Farm Barrel House

Robust Design

The filler, both the fill-head and the stand is made from high quality stainless steel and can be CIP’d.

* Assumes appropriate CO2 purity and proper fobbing and capping after filling.