Monitor Your Fermentation - fermAT

A Simple Tool to Continuously Monitor Your Fermentation in Real-Time!

Monitor Your Fermentation - fermAT

Principle of Operation

FermAT systems monitor carbon dioxide evolution during fermentations, determines alcohol production and extract consumption. The instrument displays process data. Optionally, the unit can also send data to a remote host by wired or a wireless (WiFi) interface. The host system captures data from a number of fermentors, analyzes and charts data continuously.



  • Fingerprint your beer or wine fermentations for process consistency and product quality
  • Continuously monitor all plant fermentations  in real-time in a networked system
  • Determine alcohol and extract in real-time
  • Streamline your fermentation operations:
    • Monitor for slow or hung fermentations due to issues such as yeast health, malt variation, brew house operations, etc.
    • Configurable alarms for detecting over-foaming conditions to minimize loss of product, flavor and foam quality
    • Potential for off-flavors by controlled release of supersaturation
    • Potential for controlling final carbonation at tank fassing
    • Improve process consistency

Monitor Your Fermentation - fermAT


  • Simple, robust design
  • Simple calibration, verification and validation
  • Exquisite sensitivity, stability, and accuracy
  • Wide dynamic range allows monitoring very small to very large scale bioprocesses
  • Powerful, intuitive and user-friendly graphical user interface
  • Flexibility: you don’t need to change your processes. Our system will monitor your processes the way they are!
  • World-class technical and customer support