Water Deoxygenation Systems - H2ODeOX

On-Demand, In-Line Water Deoxygenation Systems


Water Deoxygenation Systems - H2ODeOX

Reduce Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Your Beer!

Oxygen entrainment can be disastrous for your beer quality, especially if you intend to package and send off premise!

During fermentation, yeast will clear out oxygen. But once fermentation is finished, every air bubble, a dead leg, a hose, and a pipe fitting will dump large amounts of oxygen into the beer. And the beer picks up a lot of oxygen from ambient air during filtration, air contamination in bright tanks, and of course the fillers!

The best way to reduce oxygen levels in the post-fermentation brewery processes is to purge all lines, tanks and equipment to rid them of oxygen. However, this is easier said than done… until now!

Water Deoxygenation Systems - H2ODeOXA powerful technique is to pack all lines and equipment using deoxygenated water, prior to switching to beer service. In this approach, the beer is never exposed to a high oxygen environment. Also, when all the beer is transferred, the beer in the lines can be recovered by back-pushing with more deoxygenated water. Thus, this approach not only improves product quality significantly, but also reduces beer loss.

Highly Efficient

Uses a highly efficient hollow fiber membrane contactor system

Flexible & Simple to Use

On-demand in-line system without the need for secondary storage tanks


Significantly improves your product quality and shelf life, while reducing your beer losses!


QuantiPerm’s in-line water deoxygenation systems will produce on demand, deoxygenated water. You will be thrilled with significant reductions in the dissolved oxygen levels in your beer as well as cutting down beer loss.

Customer reviews for Water Deoxygenation Systems – H2ODeOX

We are very happy with the H2Odeox deoxygenation unit we bought from Quantiperm. It was easy to install, it’s easy to use, and it performs well. It delivers water under 30 PPB minutes after startup and doesn’t take up much space, which is important to us.

A low flowrate of CO2 across a high surface area membrane, contained inside a couple of compact canisters, draws O2 out of the water in a surprisingly efficient manner.

Benjamin Schottle: Phillips Brewing Co.