Automate beer and soda inline carbonation.


Direct to filler option, upto 4v carbonation, upto 6.6gpm.

Precise and manual control of the carbonation level.
DeOx - DeGas System

Reduce dissolved oxygen levels in your beer or any beverage.


Monitor your fermentation in real-time.


On premise, on demand nitro infusion dispense systems.



Commercial Carbonation System – xFlowCO2FRC-Surge

Carbonate-and-Fill from dead-flat to up to 4 v/v and line speeds up to 26 gpm. Send product directly to a filler, with no intermediate tanks! The system employs a small buffer tank to consistently supply your packaging line in the face of intermittent filler interruptions. Just specify how much carbonation you want and let the system go!

The xFlowCO2FRC-Surge system boasts numerous features and benefits, including:

  • Precise carbonation control: This system is crafted to achieve carbonated perfection in a variety of drinks, capable of creating everything from lightly sparkling to highly carbonated beverages. It offers a remarkable range, from dead flat to up to four volumes of CO2 (v/v).
  • High-speed operation: It supports line speeds of up to 26 gallons per minute (gpm), ensuring optimal efficiency and high productivity levels.
  • Direct filler integration: With this system, you can transfer products directly to the filler without the need for intermediate tanks. This limits the risk of contamination, boosting efficiency and offering seamless transfers.
  • Consistent supply with a small buffer tank: The system uses a small buffer tank to handle intermittent filler interruptions. This helps maintain a consistent supply and promotes smooth, efficient operation.
  • Automated and user-friendly: This system operates automatically and allows for easy specification of carbonation levels, reducing the need for manual intervention and enhancing readability.

xFlowCO2FRC-Surge Carbonation Machine Applications

The xFlowCO2FRC-Surge system is incredibly versatile and designed for use in producing various types of beverages.

  • Carbonation for Cider
  • Carbonation for Kombucha
  • Carbonation for Seltzer
  • Carbonation for Craft Sodas and
  • CBD infused beverages

It offers precise control over the carbonation process, ensuring you can achieve the perfect level of effervescence in whatever beverage you are producing. It’s a well-rounded solution for production scales of up to 260CPM (cans per minute)—making it a valuable asset for mid-size beverage companies, and large-scale producers alike.

Comprehensive Support and Services

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If, at any point, you have questions about the system, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to help.

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