xFlowMinisurge Inline Carbonation System

Inline carbonation is a key contributor to the precision and efficiency of the brewing game. It’s an integrated approach to carbonation that offers an elevated level of control over carbonation levels, allowing for better consistency in the final beverage. It’s a game-changer for brewers across the industry, from those that manufacture beers to those that produce sparkling wines. 

Inline Carbonation and Fully Automated Surge Tank

Inline carbonation is the process of directly infusing carbon dioxide (CO2) into beer or other beverages as they pass through a pipeline. This setup ensures precise and consistent carbonation levels, contributing to the quality and consistency of your beverage. 

In addition to the inline carbonation system, this setup features a fully automated surge tank. The tank regulates pressure and flow, optimizing carbonation efficiency and quality to further bolster the integrity of the final product. 

Carbonation xFlowMiniSurge System

The Inline Carbonation xFlowSurge system uses our ultra-high efficiency fine bubble injector for near 100% mass transfer efficiency. Ideal for flow rates of 5-6.5gpm The fully automated surge tank ensures the right amount of carbonation is achieved for various filler speeds. Please call to discuss the specifics of your filler to see how easily you can carbonate to send to your filler directly.

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Features of Inline Carbonation xFlowMiniSurge system

The xFlowMiniSurge system boasts various features, including:

  • Feed-forward true mass CO2 injection
  • Direct to filler
  • Integrated surge tank
  • Easy-to-use digital interface with remote operation capabilities
  • Gas savings
  • Dual function for water DeOx

Benefits of Inline Carbonation xFlowMiniSurge System

The features of the xFlowMiniSurge system offer an assortment of benefits, including:

  • Easy to use: The system features an easy-to-use digital interface that offers remote operation capabilities, ensuring optimal convenience. 
  • Consistent carbonation: Gone are the days of inconsistent carbonation results. With these systems, carbonation levels are spot-on each time. 
  • Efficiency: Since carbonation equipment is integrated into the production line, you won’t need separate carbonation tanks and batch processing. This makes for significant time savings and increased production efficiency. 
  • Preserved flavor: The system helps minimize flavor and foam losses, ensuring you produce a consistently high-quality product. 

Elevate Your Brewing Game with an xFlowMiniSurge System

The integration of a fully automated surge tank into the inline carbonation setup is the icing on the cake, making the carbonating process a breeze. Its benefits are far-reaching, from enhanced efficiency to precision control to quality assurance, making it an outstanding addition to your brewing lineup.

Ready to implement this innovative technology at your brewery? Contact us today to learn more about how the xFlowMiniSurge system can help.