Automate beer and soda inline carbonation.


Direct to filler option, upto 4v carbonation, upto 6.6gpm.

Precise and manual control of the carbonation level.
DeOx - DeGas System

Reduce dissolved oxygen levels in your beer or any beverage.


Monitor your fermentation in real-time.


On premise, on demand nitro infusion dispense systems.


OGA – Off Gas Analyzer

QuantiPerm’s OGA (off gas analyzer) makes metabolic monitoring simple and highly accurate. You can use it in a lab or an industrial setting.

“The off-gas analyzer is an EXCELLENT product for cell culture/fermentation applications. It is very simple to operate, highly accurate, and extremely affordable. The software provided is user friendly and powerful. The service from QuantiPerm has been extremely quick. The staff is extremely knowledgeable about every aspect of their product.” Biren Mistry, Pharmacuetical Industry

Off Gas Analyzer Applications

  • Bioprocesses: fermentation, cell culture, immobilized and supported cell cultures, solid state fermentations
  • Animal, plant and tissue metabolic studies
  • Yeast quality/vitality measurements in bakery and brewery processes (pitching yeast, propagators and brinks).
  • Aerobic, anaerobic, and micro-aerobic processes
  • Robust and optimal control of bread proofing processes in large and small bakeries to improve production efficiency and lower costs,
  • Estimate biomass growth non-invasively even in complex heterogeneous media
  • In situ/in-process mass transfer efficiency (kLa) measurements

With our state of the art instrument, measure oxygen and carbondioxide gas concentrations accurately in all your bioprocesses, food and beverage processing (bakeries, breweries and yeast-use processes), and animal metabolism studies. Thermoelectrically cooled infrared sensor allows superlative accuracy in carbondioxide measurement. Electrochemical oxygen measurements allows unparalleled accuracy and dynamic range. Now a single instrument allows true metabolic measurements on very small to very large scale and process level studies!

Optional software available for metabolic studies, real-time charting, data logging, and process control OUR, CER, RQ, and biomass growth correlations.

DeGas System Features:

  • Infrared CO2 measurement using dual channel, peltier-cooled detector

  • Electrochemical O2 measurement

  • True mass flow measurement

  • Exquisite sensitivity and accuracy

  • Wide dynamic range: suitable for bench-top to production scale processes

  • Minimal gas-flow requirements

  • Simple calibration and calibration verification

  • Analog outputs for process control and data acquisition

  • Optional wireless data communication/h4>

  • Plug and play operation

  • Optional software for monitoring multiple bioprocesses simultaneously, real-time charting, event logging, and metabolic computations: O2 up take rate (OUR), CO2 evolution rate (CER) and respiratory quotient (RQ)

  • Intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI)

  • Analog outputs for process control and data acquisition